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Meet Columbia's extended family. Having a crew of highly talented outdoor athletes and adventurers like this is kind of like having a fleet of brothers and sisters. They might be a little faster or stronger, but they lead by example. They remind us that it’s not how fast you go or how far, it’s that you go.

Geraldine Fasnacht

About Géraldine Fasnacht

An outdoor spirit, 28-year-old Géraldine Fasnacht grew up in the Swiss mountains. Skiing at age two, she rapidly switched to snowboarding at 10, then began climbing, mountain biking and hiking in the summer.

Always in search of the next extreme outdoor adventure, she started skydiving. After 300 jumps, Géraldine decided to go for BASE jumping, and then discovered the wing suit. Géraldine sees her aggressive outdoor activities as a natural progression and another way to enjoy the landscape.

Flying is part of her life. She is one of the pioneers of the wing suit, developing new wing designs and pushing the discipline not only in terms of performance but in terms of territory as well. During an expedition on Baffin Island she managed, with a group of guides, base jumpers and mountain experts, to be the first to jump off five cliffs including the 1770-meter Broad Peak, the highest cliff ever jumped.

As a professional snowboarder Géraldine twice won the most prestigious world Freeride event, Verbier Xtrem, and had a promising start on the Fresh Freeride World Tour, winning the first contest in Mammoth, California in January 2008. Injured in Sochi in January of 2008 she went back to the snow at Tignes in March 2009 for the last two last events of the Freeride World Tour. She was the winner at Tignes and placed third at the Nissan Xtrem Verbier. Those victories have shown it to be the right time for her and her teammate, Seb Collomb Gros, to attempt their big project of the winter 2009: Follow the path of the Haute-Route and ski more than 10 of the North Faces between Chamonix and Zermatt.

Where is Géraldine now? You can follow her on Eurosport through a special program throughout the winter season. She will touch down Europe in February 2010 once she returns from a three month trip in Holtanna. Where is that? In Antarctica, where she and three others are opening new peaks, moving from one point to another via snow kiting!